Sam Assil

Team Manager, Real Estate Broker

  (773) 517-5957

I was born on June 23, 1959 in Chicago, IL under a full moon. (I learned about the full moon on that date when I was at the Adler Planetarium some years back.)  That explains a lot…LOL!

My Father was a courageous immigrant from Damascus, Syria. My Mother was a Southern Beauty from San Antonio, Texas.

My school years were spent growing up in Schaumburg, IL, where I graduated from James B. Conant High School back in 1977. I was in the top 10% of my graduating class. I excelled at sports and academics. Football and track were my sports claim to fame in those days.

I attended the U.S. Air Force Academy after graduation, where the curriculum was officer training, math, science, language arts, and military. I also attended Kishwaukee Jr. College in De Kalb IL, where I studied business.

I have 2 children: My daughter recently graduated From Loyola University, where she majored in mathematics. My son is currently in High School. He is also a star athlete, which I am quite proud to say!

My passions include Freedom, staying fit, the great outdoors, athleticism and Scuba Diving (I am a PADI certified Dive Master… I went through a 4 year program to obtain that title.) I love the water and also Captain a small vessel out of DuSable harbor in Chicago.

My entrepreneurship began in the early 1980s. In 1984, I obtained my Real Estate licence in Illinois and acquired my first investment property… a 70-year-old 7-unit property located in the Logan Square neighborhood. I used a creative acquisition strategy to obtain that 100-year-old 7 unit property. I have always thought of myself as an urban pioneer when I take into consideration what that building and neighborhood was like back in those days of the mid-1980s. That building was where I cut my teeth on rehabbing and the many aspects of property management and construction. I must say that it was a fun, adventurous, and quite exciting, time for me! I am very grateful for the education I received through that experience!

I have also done a number of rehabs and flips on other properties throughout my career. I eventually did a major project on my building in Logan Square where I did a complete gut and new construction in order to create New Luxury condos, which I sold (the last of which I closed in August of 2008, just before the bottom fell out of the market completely.) I was blessed to escape with something and had the opportunity to learn and grow from that experience.

I am currently a Real estate Broker in Illinois. I am currently using my skills as a leader, contractor, project manager, and Real Estate Broker in working with my partners and clients. I am also very honored and quite pleased to be a partner with Joey B. and my teammates Jana Brinlee and Monica Nowicki.

I currently am enrolled in what I consider to be the Best Real Estate / Business Education program in Our Country today. I believe in always continuing to learn and be empowered. The only constant in life – Is Change!

“Knowledge makes a man or woman unfit to be in bondage today. With the application of that knowledge, one can acquire all the freedom one desires.”  ~ Sam Assil


Chicago Real Estate Investing Mentors leads and supports members and affiliates in and through the process of becoming team-made millionaires in real estate. It is based on the premise that there is a position on the team for every individual that can be trusted, counted on, and that shows true caring for every other member on the team. It is also based on the premise that no one individual is indispensable but that, as a TEAM, we can and will be in the “World Series of Real Estate”. It is based on the absolute premise that the team concept, a TRUE TEAM concept, is the most successful model to produce self-made millionaires in real estate.