Monica-Kaye Gamble

Attorney, Negotiations Expert

  (312) 285-6071

Monica-Kaye (also known as MK) Gamble, is an attorney with significant business experience.  This includes experience negotiating contracts, business deals, real estate sales, and criminal legislation.  In addition, MK Gamble has taught a course on effective communication and negotiations at the University of Illinois at Chicago. MK Gamble’s negotiating experience and skills have led to successes in a number of industries.

MK Gamble served as Chicago’s Public Policy Lead for Airbnb. In this role, she implemented Airbnb’s legislative and public policy activities. This included managing regulatory matters that affect Airbnb’s priorities. Additionally, she orchestrated Airbnb’s legislative strategies and relationships with legislative, executive and administrative offices, as well as with allied groups, coalition partners, and other stakeholders. Lastly, she coordinated and represented Airbnb in meetings with government and elected officials throughout Illinois.

Prior to joining Airbnb, MK Gamble served as a Legislative Liaison with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office since April 2013. She negotiated, drafted, and developed legislation that furthers the Office’s legislative agenda and victims’ rights. While minimizing opposition, Monica-Kaye continuously collaborates with elected officials, government agencies, non-profits, victim advocacy groups, community organizations, and various member organizations. Monica-Kaye testifies before the Illinois Senate and House or Representatives on the impact and merit of various legislative measures. When she is not advocating on behalf of the Office at the state capitol, she represented the office in court as a traditional Assistant State’s Attorney’s in Chicago. Lastly, Monica-Kaye teaches two graduate courses in the Department of Biomedical and Health Information Sciences at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Prior to joining the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, Monica-Kaye worked as an Associate at Swedberg & Hodgkinson, a general practice firm providing services for clients of various economic backgrounds. She also worked as Assistant Counsel to the Illinois House of Representatives, serving as head legal counsel to Illinois’ Insurance, Housing, and Environment & Energy Committees. Additionally, she has worked as a Health-Related Prosecutor for the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations. Monica-Kaye graduated from DePaul College of Law in May of 2010, having earned several advocacy awards. She is a clinical bioethicist, having graduated from Case Western Reserve University in 2005. As a bioethicist, she served five years on Northwestern Hospital’s Human Subject Institutional Review Board focusing on cancer and stroke research. Monica-Kaye earned bachelor degrees in International Business, Business Law, and Marketing from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business in 2003. 

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