Eugene Marshall

Real Estate Affiliate

  (773) 571-4535

I’m a Social Entrepreneur, Professional Real Estate Investor, Credit Repair Consultant, Founder of B.A.E. (Be Anything Economically), and most importantly a student of life. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Operations Management & Information Systems from Northern Illinois University.

I strongly believe that we are all gifted, yet only few choose to share their gift(s) with the world. A wise man once said:

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?” -Martin Luther King Jr

For this very reason, I’ve built a system with which I can assist people to reach their goals while utilizing my own gift(s). I solve people’s problems for a living — I don’t save them from their problems because they can only save themselves.

My passion revolves around bringing out the best in individuals academically, financially, and socially. As many of us are on the pathway to discovering “who we are”, or as some may say, our “self-identity”, we must understand, as a village, that we all have different dreams and goals. Anything that we plan to accomplish in life is simply on the other side of our FEAR (False Expectations Appearing Real), and with the proper SYSTEM (Save Yourself Stress Time Energy and Money), we will succeed!

I promote financial stability and independence through business ownership and real estate. My vision is to create a cohesive unit of driving forces to economically redevelop urban areas where there is a high concentration of crime, poverty, and unemployment. We have the power to create jobs and opportunities when we obtain the proper education with the implementation of a detailed and sound plan.

Chicago Real Estate Investing Mentors leads and supports members and affiliates in and through the process of becoming team-made millionaires in real estate. It is based on the premise that there is a position on the team for every individual that can be trusted, counted on, and that shows true caring for every other member on the team. It is also based on the premise that no one individual is indispensable but that, as a TEAM, we can and will be in the “World Series of Real Estate”. It is based on the absolute premise that the team concept, a TRUE TEAM concept, is the most successful model to produce self-made millionaires in real estate.