Cecilia Najdowski & Bruce Graham

Real Estate Affiliates

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Bruce Graham and Cecilia Najdowski are a dynamic duo who bring decades of experience in a wide array of fields including Education, Clinical Counseling, Legal Investigations, Stock and Commodities Investing, Risk Mitigation Strategies, and Real Estate Investing. Active with Landmark Worldwide, both Bruce and Cecilia love growing and developing themselves and as they work to transform the lives of others. Their company, Terrico Enterprises Inc., means “Rich Land”. It was created to help people go beyond their current circumstances and construct inspiring financial futures for themselves and their loved ones through real estate investing and other wealth creation strategies.

Chicago Real Estate Investing Mentors leads and supports members and affiliates in and through the process of becoming team-made millionaires in real estate. It is based on the premise that there is a position on the team for every individual that can be trusted, counted on, and that shows true caring for every other member on the team. It is also based on the premise that no one individual is indispensable but that, as a TEAM, we can and will be in the “World Series of Real Estate”. It is based on the absolute premise that the team concept, a TRUE TEAM concept, is the most successful model to produce self-made millionaires in real estate.